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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Get Gel Nails In Lincoln

Nats Nails &Beauty Gel Nails

Gelish Gel nails are available in Lincoln from Nats Nails & Beauty who provide a mobile beauty treatment service in Lincoln city. For more detailed information about the wonders of Gelish gel nails and how it can transform your nails visit Nats Nails & Beauty.

Probably the best benefit of using Gelish nails is that it can provide up to 21 days of coverage on your nails, without needing to be renewed. Additionally nails painted with Gelish do not look thick and unnatural. Gelish  maintains a very high-shine gloss and doesn’t scratch during wear!

Another great benefit of Gelish nails is that it is extremely versatile, so if you want a quick change of colour just use a normal varnish and paint over the Gelish. Then you can simply remove the nail polish with non-acetone nail polish remover, your Gelish nail polish will remain intact showing just how durable Gelish polish is.

So give us a call to book an appointment now:  Nats Nail Art— Mobile: 0758 7143187

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